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a thought from the future
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2415 is fashion colour

technology. 2415 lets

you wear the internet.

2415 is art 2415 is music

for your hoody 2415 is

you 2415 engages with

technology 2415 evokes

wonder 2415 makes the

mundane colourful 2415

lets you be you 2415 is

attitude 2415 expresses

your emotions through

colour 2415 is coming

soon 2415 is interactive

2415 changes the way

fashion is viewed 2415 is

state of art 2415 beats

to music 2415 is a mood

2415 is woven into your

fabric 2415 connects

your fashion 2415 is art

2415 challenges your

modes of fashion 2415 is

twentyfour 15 2415 lets

you express via light

2415 is fashion 2415 makes

your body a platform

2415 is fashion of the

near future 2415 is your

content 2415 changes

colour 2415 is wearable

technology 2415 is a

new movement 2415 is

the future of fashion

2415 reveals expression

2415 is art 2415 wearable

technology 2415 end.